Simultaneously with the 26th Tehran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition and with the aim of strengthening domestic manufacturing and knowledge-based activities in the country, a tripartite memorandum of cooperation for the construction of centrifugal and screw compressors with the presence of senior managers of Persian Gulf Long Willow Gas Refinery Petro Niroo Saba and Havayar Company signed in the ceremony which was held in the booth of Petro Niroo Saba Company as a contractor for design, purchase and construction of large industrial projects, Engineer Mahmoud Aminnejad CEO of Bidboland Persian Gulf Gas Refining Company The CEO of Petro Niroo Saba Company and Engineer Nima Sajdeh, CEO of Havayar Company were present.
Imran Baouj, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petro Niroo Saba Company, referring to the feeling of double duty of Iranian companies in fulfilling the slogan of knowledge-based production and job creation, said: In accordance with the law of maximum use of production and service capacity and meeting the needs of the country and strengthening them in localization, Persian Gulf Willow Gas Refining Company, purchase and supply of 10 centrifugal compressors and 2 screw machines to collect burner gas through the company Petro Niroo Saba, as a contractor of “EPC” with the participation of the manufacturing company Havayar, handed over 36 million Euros, which brings significant currency savings.

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