EPCC of Maroon 3 dehydration unit and Maroon 5 & Ramshir dehydration and compression units and related pipelines

Persian Gulf Bid-boland Gas Refinery (Bidboland 2) Project is designed to receive 2000 MMSCFD of incoming gas, including 1700 MMSCFD of sour gas from NGLs 900 and 1000 and 300 MMSCFD sweet gas from NGLs 1200 and 1300. Regarding the dependency of the feeds’ availability to the projects defined upstream of NGLs 900 & 1000 and gathering of associated gas streams upstream of NGLs 1200, 1300 & 1500, client tends to perform Basic Design & Feed on these areas. The project goal is to ensure the gathering and treatment of the existing flares gas streams and transferring them to Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery.

Client: Bidboland Persian Gulf Gas Refinery Co

Contract type: Engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning (EPCC)

Startup year: 2024

Location:Khuzestan Province

Goals:To collect upstream gases from Maroon and Ramshir regions into Bidboland Persian Gulf Gas Refinery Co.