Upon the report of Eghtesad Kara, Dr. Emran Baoj said: “In the recent years, EPC companies in Iran have experienced unprecedented pressures due to economic variations and continuous increment of prices. In the last year, Planning and Budget Organization approved a lower rate than expected for contracting society, which is a trivial rate due to 300% increment of prices of essential products.”

He continued: “Contractors of national projects, especially in the fields of petroleum, gas and petrochemistry, accept major project with the lowest prices, which impairs them deeply. In this context, the only ignored item is project management in its shortest time.”

Upon suggestions of this entrepreneur in private sector, now implementation of many petrochemical projects takes more than 10-15 years for completion, which is an erosive competition and can be shortened; although there are several projects with better results by attendance of efficient and potent managers.

Dr. Emran Baoj mentioned examples of activities of large private companies outside of country and said: “Today, governments support private sector completely and are frontiers of economic development for these agencies and provide the required facilities and export rents for them to be able to conquer more markets and shorten the projects’ periods. This is while the Iranian agencies shall follow finance affairs without any support and shall proceed haltingly.” At the end, he pointed that “we need leading confident leaders in business to create economic boom to be able to create value.”