Naturalization of knowledge for manufacturing advanced compressors in Iran

The trend of naturalization and promotion of national potential in the strategic entrepreneurship petrochemistry industry in the 4th Exhibition for Support of Internal Manufacturing in Petrochemical Industry was extended.

Upon the report of Eghtesad Kara, the concluded contracts for Bidboland Refinery, affiliated to Khalij Fars Holding, approached to IRR 41,000b, which is one of the important agreements between Bidboland Refinery, Petro Niroo Saba Co., and Nika Compressor Co. In this regard, in the year titled “Knowledge-based Production and Occupation” and in line with maximum operation of potential of internal manufacturers, Bidboland Refinery assigned to Nika Compressor Co. the project for supply of reciprocal gas compressors, through Petro Niroo Saba Co as an EPC contractor, including purchasing and manufacturing 4 reciprocal gas compressors for Maroon-3 and Ramshir Stations, in the project for renovation and erection of flare gas collection facilities. In the meeting for signing this tripart agreement, the Managing Director of Bidboland Refinery said: “Signing a contract of EUR 200m with Bank Mellat in the first day of holding this event indicates that Bidboland Complex has no problem with supplying liquidity for contractors and manufacturers.”

Eng. Mahmoud Aminnejad added: “In addition to the concluded agreements in this exhibition with a value of IRR 41,000b, Bidboland Refinery has concluded other contracts with other internal producers and manufacturers up to IRR 21,000b from the 3rd exhibition up to now, which indicates the firm will of Khalij Fars Holding Co. in supporting the knowledge-based companies.”

He added: “We plan to enter in completion of value chain projects, such as PDH/PPH, by cooperation of potent Iranian companies, which this is a very important event and gift in Iran with a contract value over EUR 1b. Bidboland Refinery now offers products such as LPG, with sells it in the raw forms. For example, propane has a valuable value-added which produces occupation and income. In the process of this value chain, propane is converted to propylene and polypropylene, which is an extraordinary value.”

The Managing Director of Bidboland Refinery expressed hope that the granted projects of this complex to the Iranian knowledge-based companies, will approach to IRR 80-100b in the 5th Exhibition in 2023.

Eng. Hamed Faraji, Vice-Chairman of Petro Niroo Saba Co., expressed his consent of this constructive approach of Khalij Fars Petrochemical Industries Co. and Bidboland Refinery in trusting domestic companies and said: “By their strong wills and diligent efforts, internal companies proved that they could be a certain replace for foreign companies.” He added: “By such sympathy and cooperation, internal companies could display a good potential and use their capacities for prosperity of Iran.”

He added: “Petro Niroo Saba Co. is one of the potent Iranian contractors in implementation of large project in petroleum, gas and petrochemical projects, understanding the importance of innovation and internal growth, which supplies technical needs of Iranian manufacturers.”

The representative f Nika Compressor Co. said: “We manufacture 4 reciprocal compressors according to the-state-of-the-art standards. By outsourcing the knowledge of supplying and manufacturing these devices to the talent Iranian companies, we visualize the motto of “Knowledge-based Production and Occupation” in Iran.”

In the 4th Exhibition for Support of Internal Manufacturing in Petrochemical Industry, which was held in Kish Island at Feb. 13-15, 2023, 180 agreements were signed between manufacturers and knowledge-based companies with a value of IRR 90,000b.