Constructing Lorestan petrochemical Above Ground and underground piping Operations:

Constructing around 550,000 ID pipes welding , around 150,000 ID UG pipes welding and Constructing  around 50,000 inch-meters AG and UG threaded piping , Constructing around 650 tone support , Constructing  around 300,000 m2 sandblast and coloring piping equipment and 4500 tone structures and Constructing  around 50,000 m2 hot and cold insulation , more than 1000 tons installing fixed equipment and installing more than 500 tons rotary  equipment and installing around 300 tons structures,pre-commissioning electricity and in-struments utility and offsite

Client: Lorestan Petrochemical Co.

Contract type: Construction (C)

Startup year: 2014

Location: Khoramabad, Lorestan Province

Goals: To produce heavy and light linear and butane polyethylene