Piping operations

The experience of carrying out more than 500 thousand inches of piping operations (PIPING) surface and underground, insulation, sandblasting and painting in operational units and ancillary facilities of petrochemical and refinery projects and water transfer.

Water and wastewater treatment

Construction of urban and industrial water treatment plants, water treatment units, petrochemical units and refineries, including purchase and installation of pumps and air blowers, creation of paths and channels for water transmission, creation of aeration system


Activities in the field of building construction, residential camps in workshop areas, carrying out exploratory and geotechnical operations and projects related to dams and water supply networks, marine structures, as well as all construction activities.

gas delivery

Carrying out gas supply projects in different parts of the country with a volume of more than 400,000 meters and related work areas including the construction of pressure reduction stations, installation of branches, implementation of civil operations, electricity and precision instruments, mechanical and...

Collecting burner gases

Carrying out projects to collect burner gases Carrying out projects to collect burner gases, activity in the field of projects to collect burner gases and preserve the valuable capital of the country and protect the environment...